The Israel-Palestine Two-State Solution



Israel is a strong ally of the US, but has made controversial moves in years past. These moves include claiming land over the years through war and illegal settlements built in the West Bank, and enacted a blockade on the Gaza Strip creating a humanitarian crisis. These factors combine to create what some claim to be an apartheid state – some estimates state there are seven million Palestinian refugees who have been displaced by the Israelis.

  • THOSE IN FAVOR OF THE ONE-STATE SOLUTION SAY…. “‘Til death do us part”

    • Can’t we all just get along?:  One-state solution establishes a single Israeli-Palestinian state that encompasses the entire disputed territory, and grants equal rights to all citizens regardless of ethnicity or religion
    • The risk of inaction:  Two-state solution is a fantasy that invites Israel to absorb all of Palestine
      • Exhibits A and B:  The continued construction of Israeli settlements and frequent attacks on Israel by Hamas embolden Israel to not strike any deal while continuing to expand
    • Jerusalem:  A single state could name Jerusalem the capital, granting access to this holy city for all
  • THOSE IN FAVOR OF THE TWO-STATE SOLUTION SAY…. “It’s not you, it’s me”

    • King Solomon:  The establishment of two independent states is the only fair, peaceful resolution to the conflict
    • Do the right thing:  The creation of an independent Palestinian state is the moral decision
    • We have no choice:  One-state solution is not a workable option and could result in one of two outcomes:
      • The disappearance of the Jewish state by democratic means – Arabs outnumber Jews and will vote the state out of existence
      • A more extreme perversion of what exists today: An Israeli military state where Palestinians are second-class citizens



  • Is a two-state solution even possible anymore? With both sides seemingly dug-in, is there any feasible way forward?
  • Will a resurgent conservative government in Israel, continue to build settlements and alienate the rest of the world?
  • Will growing international sympathy for the Palestinians affect the Israeli government?