James Comey Fired: Testimony to Follow



Trump’s firing of the FBI Director causes a deeper divide in the nation. Many either do not trust President Trump or do not trust the Intelligence Departments, like the FBI, under Trump’s administration.

  • GOOD RIDDANCE: “He deserved to be fired”

    • The emails:   President Trump cited Comey mishandled the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private emails as a cause for termination.
    • Ego:   Comey wrongly usurped the Attorney General’s, Jeff Sessions, authority in deciding to close that case without prosecution.
    • Restore trust:   The President defended himself by saying Comey leaving will restore people’s trust in the FBI.
  • UNLAWFUL: “Trump had no causation”

    • Authoritarianism:   Many Americans believe Trump fired Comey to dispel the FBI investigation.
    • Blindsided:   The Department of Justice never informed Comey they had concerns with his work at the FBI.
    • But, the emails:   Comey’s investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails seemed to give candidate Trump a boost in the final days of the election, with Trump stating his support for the director multiple times throughout the campaign.


  • There is currently no replacement Director, but candidates will be interrogated on where their political loyalty lies.
  • Comey is testifying to Congress on June 8, detailing his discussions with President Trump.
  • Many believed President Trump could potentially block Comey from speaking with Congress, asserting Executive privilege. This proved to be incorrect.
  • As Comey begins early sessions with Congress, he has boxed himself in with vague answers about the Russian investigation.


  • Days before his firing, Comey requested from the DOJ more resources for the Trump/Russia investigation.
  • How can we expect this to affect the nation as information unfolds?
  • Should President Trump be allowed to claim executive privilege on his discussions with Comey?
  • Should the FBI continue the Russian probe?