Fulfilling the Paris Deal without the U.S. Government



With the U.S. officially pulling out of the deal, a large chunk of the funding has also left with it. If this group of mayors and others can pull together enough funding and support from the lower levels of the U.S. government, it could mitigate the negative effects of the U.S. not officially being in the agreement.

  • BOTTOM UP LEADERSHIP: “Climate Alliance can reach the goals”

    • Lean on each other:   Cities and mayors from across the country coming together facilitates a learning process that will help aid the fight against climate change.
    • Image rehab:   This group, representing a large portion of the U.S., will have the ability to rectify a now tarnished world image.
    • Happening regardless:   Market forces and citizens have lead the U.S. to be the leader in cutting emissions over the past decade and they will continue to do so.
  • TOP DOWN LEADERSHIP: “Formally get back into the deal”

    • World leader:  The U.S. needs to be the moral leader on this issue and that starts with the president of the U.S., not mayors and business leaders.
    • Big picture:    The U.S. is risking hefty negative economic consequences in the long term from not being formally in the Paris Agreement.
    • Beyond repair:   Pulling out of the agreement as already done damage to the reputation of the U.S., and the world is moving on without them.


  • Bloomberg himself has pledged $15 million in funding to the United Nations (UN) to start to cover the U.S.’s former portion.
  • Over 200 U.S. mayors and numerous businesses have adopted the Paris Agreement and plan on honoring the commitments outlined in the agreement. Hawaii became the first state to enact state law that aligns with the accord.
  • Currently, the UN has no mechanism for allowing non-countries to enter into the Paris Agreement, so it is unclear how the group will formally enter.


  • Will only a portion of the U.S. be able to make up for the whole U.S. not being in the agreement?
  • Is there anything President Trump could do in order to stop this group from signing onto and pledging to uphold the agreement?
  • Is the UN going to formally allow this group to sign onto the agreement?
  • Will the U.S. fall from its mantle as the world’s moral leader on an array of issues if this group doesn’t end up hitting the goals pledged to in the agreement?