No Sanctuary for Criminals Act Passed


  • June 27, 2017: U.S. House of Representatives passed the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.
  • The bill would allow the government to deny sanctuary cities federal grant money if they do not follow federal immigration enforcement efforts.
  • In sanctuary cities, it is not mandatory for local law officers to enforce federal immigration laws.


The No Sanctuary for Criminals Act proves to be the next step toward the White House’s increased aggressiveness on immigration law in the United States, including attempts to defund “sanctuary cities”. The bill’s fate and potential outcomes of implementation now reside in the Senate.

  • THE MAJORITY – “In favor of the bill”

    • Too much power:   Sanctuary city officials can create policies that allow them to make turning in illegal immigrants to federal authorities optional, which is an overpowered advantage against the government’s immigration efforts.
    • Results are in:   According to a Berkeley IGS Poll, citizens in California (a state with many sanctuary cities) are against city enforcement that do not cooperate with federal requests to detain illegal immigrant criminals.
    • Kate’s Law:   Along with the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act, the House also passed a bill known as Kate’s Law named after Kate Steinle who was murdered by an illegal immigrant and felon two years ago.
  • THE MINORITY – “Down with the bill”

    • Protecting the city:   Local police rely on immigrants to prevent and report crime, so officers worry that the passage of the bill will lead to more violent activity in these sanctuary cities.
    • Taking away states’ rights:   The bill’s anti-federalist policies take away authority from the local law, and even the Fraternal Order of Police opposed the unfair punishment of law enforcement “because Congress disagrees with their enforcement priorities”.
    • Constitutional concerns:   The bill’s power to deny federal grants to sanctuary cities violates the 4th amendment of probable cause.


  • Hispanic communities grow disappointed over six Democrats’ support of the bill, and point blame to Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s Super PAC that paid Democrats $20,500.
  • On the Fourth of July, President Trump delivered a message urging Senate members to support both the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act and Kate’s Law.


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  • Should local law officers or federal law enforcement agencies dictate the status of illegal immigrants?
  • What does your elected state representative think about this issue?