The Recipe


In our ever-changing, continually complex global society, the current news landscape is becoming increasingly gray—no longer do fact and opinion feel black and white. Our mission at Bites is to differentiate between the two. By educating readers through quality driven, thought-provoking articles that tell them what they need to know without wasting their time, we aim to empower college students and young professionals to stay more engaged in the world around them.

Unlike the biased news outlets of today, Bites believes that readers are smart enough to form their own opinions from hard facts. Striking the perfect balance between quality and brevity, Bites pushes journalism forward into an easily digestible, succinct format. In a news climate where lengthy articles reign supreme, Bites believes in the basics. We cut the fat from the facts and make it simple to understand what’s going on, why it matters and what people are saying about it. At the end of the day, it’s simply a matter of taste—all you need to do is stay hungry.