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Bites Media is a news and information platform for middle to high school students.


Bites provides educators, parents, and students access to trusted, engaging and enjoyable news. We provide accessibility to important social and civic issues by leveraging educational best practices used in both general and special education programs.


Bites craft and publish interactive, multimedia news stories that provide the facts with rich context from diverse viewpoints. Bites increases student engagement at least 3x, compared to traditional sources. Our platform invites students of any ability to learn about the world while supporting critical media literacy skills.


We take a unique approach in reporting current events. Not only do we utilize an explanatory journalistic approach, but we also make explicit connections between what is happening to why it matters to democracy and citizenry. We believe in prioritizing a foundation of understanding and fostering deep engagement to cultivate informed citizens and civic action.

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Our principles:


Truth and facts.

Fairness and impartiality.

Accountability and trust.

Accessibility and education for all.




Our facts are aggregated from traditional and trustworthy newspapers and journalists who are held to the highest standards of reporting.


We provide a direct link to the original source of the fact. Click the link to dive deep and read more.


See a full list of our approved sources.


Bites Media is a for-profit social enterprise.


Writing style:


Every article is written in the same outline format. We use bullet notation to get straight to the facts. 


We always include two sides to the story. That way, you are fully informed and have a holistic understanding. These two sides may be:

  • Fact 1 / Fact 2
  • Pro / Con
  • Cause / Effect
  • Left / Right

We work with the following universities to source talent to research and publish our articles:

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Bites Media is dedicated to accessibility. We believe everyone requires multiple ways to access information. So read, click, listen, or watch what you need to get all the facts.


We highly recommend you do it all. Not only is it more engaging, but you're also asking your brain to operate and absorb knowledge in different ways. This has been shown to improve your memory and comprehension of the content. 




Civics, the news, and Bites Media:


We believe the free press and public education are essential pillars of democracy. Without those two foundational institutions set forth by the Founding Fathers, our democracy would crumble. 


It is our civic duty to be informed citizens that go beyond simply casting a vote. 


All breaking news and current events have civic implications. That is why in many of our articles, we make explicit connections to civic concepts and constitutional principles. 


By making these connections, you end our articles knowing exactly what a topic is, why it is important for your civic life in America, and what actionable steps you can take in your local or national community.


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